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About AutismService

Headquartered in Florence (Italy), AutismService was founded on the premise of being able to channel capability and experience to support people with learning, behavioral, and communication difficulties. We offer bespoke services comprising consultation; assessment; training and workshops; supervision; and evidenced-based interventions that are aimed at improving and maintaining the quality of lives for children, adolescents, and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder; PDD; ADHD or syndromes such as Asperger; Tourette; Angelman; or Rett.

As a boutique consultancy firm we aim our expertise on developing and implementing pragmatic interventions based upon scientific approaches. A differential value of our services is that we mobilize expertise and resources towards the natural and habitual environment of our clients including the family home, workplace, school, leisure club, care centre, etc. In doing so, we furnish personalized services that pragmatically answer the specific needs that exist in the immediate environment of our clients.

Our client community across Italy and abroad includes a wide range of users who are involved with education and care. They include parents and relatives, special needs caregivers, home and school tutors, special education centres, mainstream schools, social services, public and private health care institutes, speech therapists, and parent associations.

About Autism Service