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About Autism Service

What we do

We employ our expertise and experience to support people with learning, behavioral, and communication difficulties. In doing so, we seek to improve and maintain the quality of lives from children, adolescents, and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder; PDD; ADHD or syndromes such as Asperger; Tourette; Angelman; or Rett.

Our interventions are based upon scientifically validated approaches;  and we mobilize expertise and resources towards our clients' natural  environment as to ensure pragmatic answers to specific needs. By doing so we develop, introduce, and supervise pragmatic intervention schemes at home, school, day or residential care centres, and in the work environment.

Our services are grounded in behavioral approaches such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA); Verbal Behavior (VB); and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). To address case-specific needs of our clients, our experience enables us to also borrow from other disciplines such as Augmentative and Alternative Communication; TEACCH; DIR/FloorTime; and Sensory Integration Therapy.

AutismService collaborates also with other experts and entities active in the arena of neurodiversity, and this with aim to transfer knowledge and share best practices on facilitating optimal care and educational development. Last but not least, we seek to be part of initiatives that enable people with learning difficulties to make their own choices and to become valued members of society.